Magical Apps.

Carefully crafted apps to help you sell more with Shopify.

Explore our Shopify apps designed to help you with Form Fields, XML/HTML Sitemaps, Product Fees, Sales Price Manager, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Notification Messages, Show Metafields, Vacation Mode, Make an Offer, and more. Magic runs in the family.

Display and sell more products to customers.

Shopify apps designed to help merchants display and sell more products to customers. Apps that let customers add custom information and images to their orders, unique best offer purchase options for Shopify, apply mandatory fees to Shopify products, and hide your purchase and buy now buttons on your Shopify store.

Magical Custom Form Fields

Easily add form fields to Shopify products – start collecting additional order details from your customers.

Magical Vacation Mode

Everything you need to disable buy buttons and purchasing options – Pause your online sales

Magical Product Fees

Everything you need to add additional fees and surcharges to products in your shop.

Magical Make an Offer

Easily add Make an Offer purchase options to your Shopify product listings – start increasing your sales today.

Improve Search Engine Optimization SEO.

Shopify apps to attract new visitors to their store using the best Shopify SEO techniques including easy HTML Sitemaps designed to increase exposure, traffic and sales.

Magical XML/HTML Sitemap

Easily add customizable XML/HTML sitemaps – improve navigation and start ranking higher on Google.

SEO Doctor for Search Engines

SEO tools to audit and optimize your Shopify store on autopilot. Improve your search ranking and sell more.

Add custom product information and announcements.

Shopify Apps to help merchants display and draw attention to product information, and better ways to add announcements, notifications or product warnings to your Shopify product pages.

Magical Notification Messages

Easily add messages and announcements – notification bars, sales popup and inline product messages.

Magical Product Metafields

Everything you need to organize and display Shopify Metafield content on your product pages.

Manage and edit sale prices in bulk.

Shopify apps to help merchants manage and update their sale, discount and promotional pricing automatically.

Magical Sale Price Manager

Schedule sales with bulk price editing, smart discount rules and automatic rollbacks.