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Product Fees for Shopify

Create fees which apply to products, groups of products or the cart itself with the Free Mandatory Product Fees app.

No matter what type of fee you need to charge–whether it is Product Fees, Eco Fees, Handling Fees, Packaging Fees, Deposit Fees, and anything else you can image–the simple rules and flexible fee builder to automate the collection process for you and your customers.

XML/HTML Sitemaps for Shopify

The Free XML/HTML Sitemap Builder app features a simple, beautiful and highly functional HTML sitemap generator for your Shopify store along with access to your XML sitemap link with instructions for submitting to Google.

HTML sitemaps help you rank higher on Google and support users in navigating through your site to find products and content. XML sitemaps help search engines crawl your website. Both types of sitemaps complement each other in their functionality.

Free XML/HTML Sitemap Builder

Marketing Messages for Shopify

The Free Notification Bar Messages app is a simple, beautiful and highly functional message builder for your Shopify store. It lets you create customizable messages to help inform, inspire and convert more customers.

You can create any number of messages using the message builder; it takes a natural language approach to building messages with text and a library of variables. These variables include the ability to add dynamic content within the body of your messages.

Free Notification Bar Messages (Beta)

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SEO Tools for Shopify

The SEO Doctor app is a search engine optimization app designed to help your Shopify store improve its ranking on search engines and ultimately help you reach more customers.

The app syncs with and scans all of the products and collections in your store for on-page and technical SEO issues. After this audit, the app presents recommendations and you can fix them either manually or on autopilot using the variety of included SEO tools.

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